Carbon Offsets & the Urban Forest


Can urban forestry projects be cost-effective investments in your carbon offset portfolio?



California's Cap-and-Trade Programcoast live oak

Brieanne AguilaCalifornia Air Resources Board


Opportunities for Carbon Offsets from Urban Forestry Projects

 Joel Levin, Climate Action Reserve


The Urban Forest Protocol; Roles, Hurdles & Opportunities

Michael Bostick, Bay Area Air Quality Management District


Planning for Urban Forests, Carbon Offsets and the Urban Forest

Jeff Goldman, AECOM


Urban Forest Project Protocol & Verification

Barbara Bamberger, California Air Resources Board


Quantifying Carbon Storage in Urban Trees

Paula Peper, U.S. Dept. of Ag, Pacific Southwest Research Station


Quantifying Urban Forest Project Costs and Offsets

Urban Forestry Offset Projects & Lessons Learned

Greg McPherson, U.S. Dept. of Ag, Pacific Southwest Research Station


The Tree Carbon Calculator

Joe Purohit, EcoLayers, Inc.


Carbon Offsets: a nonprofit sector perspective

Ray Tretheway, Sacramento Tree Foundation


What's Needed to Get Projects Started?

Forrest Mertens, SunOne Solutions


Urban Forestry Offsets for Cap and Trade Compliance

Obadiah Bartholomy, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)


California Carbon Markets: An overview of the trading activity in California's cap and trade market

John Battaglia, Evolution Markets, Inc.


PG&E's Approach to Carbon Offsets

Robert Parkhurst, Pacific Gas and Electric Company


What's Needed to Get Projects Started?

Sam Olundunfe, UC San Diego


Non-Profit Tree Planting Groups: What's Needed to Get Started?

Doug Wildman, Friends of the Urban Forest


Urban Foresters Panel: What's Needed to Get Projects Started?

John Lane, Teichert Materials & Sacramento Tree Foundation


Urban Forestry and Carbon Offset Projects: A City of Sacramento Perspective

Joe Benassini, City of Sacramento


Growing the Network: Urban Forests and Carbon Offsets

Gerry Gray, American Forests


Urban Forest Grant Funding

Alice Ewen, USDA Forest Service: Urban & Community Forestry Program