SMART Green Roof

Poppies at SmartLandscape

Project Overview

The SMART (Sustainable Management and Revolutionary Technology) Green Roof Project will be constructed atop two viewing decks at the Smart Landscape site on the UC Davis campus to allow for regular visual observation. These Green Roof decks will hold more than 50 pre-planted modules containing a mixture of California native grassland species. The Green Roof project is being carried out in partnership with the CCUH stakeholder Florasource Ltd, and is funded by both the Saratoga Horticultural Research Endowment and The Green Initiative Fund (tgif).

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The key goal of this project is to use cutting-edge irrigation technology to monitor water use and ultimately develop an industry-wide standard for green roof irrigation in California. As a secondary function, this design will also trial untested California native grassland species for their adaptability to a green roof environment: the end-goal is to mimic local native habitats and to extend the area available for native species. 

The SmartScape team assembles the green roof decks


  • The SmartScape and Arboretum team up to assemble the Green Roof decks.






The SmartScape team assembles the green roof decks


  • Creating the base of the Greef Roof Decks.







The SmartScape team plants the Green Roof







A zoomed in view of freshly planted Blue-Eyed grass in a Green Roof bed


  • Freshly placed Green Roof Modules consisting of California Native species.









Eco-Wrap irrigation lines are placed on the Green Roof








Green Roof Planting Plan

Each Block represents one Florasource Green Roof Module

Green Roofs' planting cell diagrams

Green Roof Module Planting Map Legend

Green roofs' cell legend