Achillea with poppy

Project Overview

Hedgerow I is installed alongside Hills drive and Campbell drive. The project is led by the SmartLandscape team and affiliated WCAE staff. This border hedgerow project demonstrates the use of native plant species including grasses, shrubs, and small trees as a wildlife and pollinator species refuge. It also serves to reduce erosion and runoff from the adjoining roads while providing other ecosystem benefits.

This hedgerow demonstration project will be showcased to UC Davis partners, neighboring farms, and land managers in efforts to suppress weed populations, benefit wildlife, increase water infiltration, and promote low water-use local native plant species in landscapes across Davis and other communities. 


Scroll below to see the progress of Hedgerow I overtime.

H1 summer 2019 (before).jpg
"Before" photo of the Hedgerow I site (summer 2019)
Blades of grass push up through the straw in the freshly planted Hedgerow I
Newly seeded Hedgerow I (spring 2020)
Sprinklers mist young poppies in Hedgerow I
Hedgerow I (spring 2020)
The fat green cotyledons of a lupine seedling push up through the debris
Hedgerow I; Lupine seedling (spring 2020)
Light purple flowers bloom on a ground cover plant in Hedgerow I
Hedgerow I; spring blooms (spring 2020)
Rays of morning sun filter across a bunch of opening orange poppies
Hedgerow I (spring 2020)
A honey bee alights on a white yarrow flower
Honeybee in Hedgerow I (early summer 2020)
A downward view shows a plethora of fully grown native plants and flowers in hedgerow I
Hedgerow I (summer 2020)
Hedgerow Fall 2020
Hedgerow I (fall 2020)
H1 spring 2021-min.jpg
Hedgerow 1 (spring 2021)