Plant Search Instructions

Step 1: Select a City

  1. Select the region and click on “down arrow” of the city of interest. Scroll down and click on your city.
  2. Click on “Submit”.

Step 2: Plant Search

  1. You will now be able to conduct a plant search for your specific city within one of the six WUCOLS regions
  2. You can search the following:
    1. By Botanical name: enter genus and click on “Search”; or,
    2. By Common name: enter common name and click on Search”; or,
    3. By Plant Type: click on one or more Plant Types and click on “Search”; or,
    4. By Water Use: click on one or more Water Uses and click on “Search”; or,
    5. You can list “all” plants for this region by clicking on “All Plants for this Region”
  3. After clicking on “Search”, you will now have a listing of plants for your city by region. You can construct your own plant list by clicking on “Select for my List” in the right hand column. Once you have clicked on all your desired plants, you can then click on “Add Selected to my List”, located at the top or bottom right of the screen page.
  4. After clicking on “Add Selected to my List”, you will go to the Results page, where you can click on “Export to Excel”.
  5. You can continue searching by clicking on “Search Again” and this should take you back to Step 2: Plant Search. You can search by Plant Type or by Water Use by repeating #2-3. Or, you can go to #7 and save your list to an Excel file.
  6. You can add to your previous list by repeating #4.
  7. Save your plant list in Excel by following the “save or save as” function in Excel and save to your computer.

Formatting Tips for your Favorite Plant List in Excel

  1. Move cursor/pointer to the top left and left click mouse on column “A”, hold and highlight columns “A through F”.
  2. All columns “A through F” should be highlighted.
  3. Right click on mouse and scroll down and click on “Column Width”.  Select “Column Width = 30” and then click “OK”.
  4. With all columns “A through F” highlighted, go to top of “Home” page and click on “Wrap Text”.  Text in all highlighted columns now should be spaced (truncated) for each column.
  5. Remember to Save” and “Name” your Favorites list to your computer.
  6. You can decrease column widths in columns “D through F” if you so desire by follow steps in #1 and #2.