Archived Student Leadership Testimonials

Past Student Leadership

Student Co-Coordinators are responsible for communicating with the Program Manager about the daily and long-term agendas, as well as leading their intern teammates through collaborative problem solving and hands on field activities. 

Many of SmartScape's Student Co-coordinators hold this position for a year or longer. The field and industry knowledge they acquire over this time makes them invaluable assets for the Student Interns. 

Visit this link for more information on the Student Co-coordinator position.

Sandro Montes

SmartLawn Co-coordinator: Fall 2019 - Spring 2020
  • Sandro Montes: SmartLawn Co-coordinator stands in graduation regalia on the UC Davis campus
    "The most valuable thing I have learned from and experienced during my time as a member of the SmartLawn team was being able to work with other students, faculty, and professional industry. I have gained experience by installing irrigation systems and learning more details from the professional industry. This experience has helped me be better prepared to work in the real world. Also, learning from another student's perspective was a key to gaining knowledge."

Yitong Zhang

SmartScape Co-coordinator: Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 
  • Yitong Zhang: Co-coordinator for SmartScape 2019
    "I learned a lot about drip irrigation design and installation that I would not know from my classes, especially learning the importance of measuring the amount of water used in irrigation. The knowledge that I gained from this internship helped me studying landscape architecture. When I design the planting layout, I started to pay attention to the different water zones, which is helpful later when I need to design the irrigation system. Also, this irrigation installation experience is helpful to me when I started working in a landscape architecture firm upon gradulation. I picked up irrigation design faster than my peers. My leadership role also provided me plenty of opportunities to become more professional and outgoing!"

 Michael Julian Bauzon

SmartLawn Co-coordinator: Fall 2019 - Spring 2020
  • Michael Julian Bauzon: SmartLawn Co-coordinator
    "I cherish the skills and knowledge SmartLawn has given me, especially in the construction of irrigation systems that support sustainable sod blends. I think the hardest yet most important thing that SmartLawn has taught me was how to work and communicate as a team. Managing a team of interns on a week-to-week basis requires a lot of planning and consideration. However, as a Co-coordinator, I was surrounded by a diverse team of interns and staff who contained vast knowledge and networks that made my experience absolutely worth it. "
  • "The interns I worked with came from varying majors like Environmental Science and Management, Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning, and Landscape Architecture. It was very exciting to talk with them and hear about how SmartLawn relates to their own experience and major. It was such a diverse and welcoming environment, and I'm glad I was able to contribute and be a part of SmartLawn's team."