Irrigation Management

WaterWise Symposium

An industry dialogue to better manage water for tomorrow.


This one day conference featured University of California researchers, Industry professionals, and Regional Water Authority representatives.  Discussions centered around the current Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance and the future of water management in Davis, CA 2010.

The Future of Water ManagementWarren Gorowitz, Ewing Irrigation

Run-off Water Educational Outreach

Run-off Water Educational Outreach

These Quick Tip cards cover topics such as water, fertilizer, and pesticide use. They were developed with the UCANR Integrated Pest Management program.

Landscape and Recycled Water Conservation Resources Maps

We've created a resource for California residents interested in conserving water in their landscapes. In this map, you'll find information published by your local municipalities and water utilities, including conservation practices, low-water plants, rebate programs, and more.  

As of December 2013, you can also find information about recycled water in your region. This may include upcoming or ongoing projects and tips on using recycled water in your landscapes.

Select the appropriate map below and start saving California’s most precious commodity today!

Tree Ring Irrigation Contraption (TRIC)

The California drought has residents concerned about how to save water.  In fact, some homeowners have opted to turn off their outdoor watering system, and it’s not uncommon to see brown lawns. However, not watering a landscape means that many trees will slowly decline in health and could die. While lawns and flowers are easily replaced, a large shade tree takes many years to become established.

Urban Run-Off Research

Eleven pest control chemicals, including products no longer commercially available, were found virtually year-round in storm drain water samples from eight selected California neighborhoods. The main ingredients of lawn and garden fertilizers were also found in the water samples at all sites.

RSIC Parts List and Assembly

    PARTS There are only four items needed for this device:

1) multi stream rotary sprinkler

2) pressure regulated shrub adapter

3) sprinkler spike

4) nipple to connect the riser to the spike (see figure 1)


    1. Multi-stream rotary sprinkler

Suggested: Hunter MPR1000-210, Rain Bird R-VAN1318, or Toro PRN-A