Urban Trees

Tree Ring Irrigation Contraption (TRIC)

The California drought has residents concerned about how to save water.  In fact, some homeowners have opted to turn off their outdoor watering system, and it’s not uncommon to see brown lawns. However, not watering a landscape means that many trees will slowly decline in health and could die. While lawns and flowers are easily replaced, a large shade tree takes many years to become established.

Water Conservation & Efficiency

Rotary System Irrigation Contraption (RSIC)

Multi-stream rotary sprinkler device to adequately water trees

Tree Ring Irrigation Contraption (TRIC)

The TRIC is not an item for sale, but rather a drip kit that homeowners can put together themselves to adequately water trees.

Measuring Distribution Uniformity and Calculating Run Time

The DU value tells us how evenly the water is being applied to the irrigated area. 

Rotary System Irrigation Contraption (RSIC)

Landscape trees are being compromised as water used to irrigate turf is being shut off.  Trees planted in or near these lawn areas that have relied on the irrigation are becoming water stressed as their water supply literally dries up.  Trees are the one plant type that needs to be protected because of their value.  Trees contribute aesthetic, environmental, and economic benefits and a loss of a tree can have large negative impacts.  So protecting them is highly important.

Get a Grip on Drip: Drip Irrigation Workshop - Concord, CA

The University of California in partnership with the Contra Costa Water District present Get a Grip on Drip, a drip irrigation management workshop designed for landscape irrigation managers. The workshop features indoor presentations with accompanying outdoor demonstrations.