A heavily laden branch of ginko fruit nested in vibrant spring green leaves

Call for Proposals

SHRE Call for Proposals

The goal of the Saratoga Horticultural Research Endowment is to support research that fosters the introduction of new and improved plants for California gardens and ornamental landscapes.  

For this funding cycle, SHRE will only consider research proposals. Education and outreach proposals will not be considered. Research proposals for the 2023-2024 funding cycle should specifically address one or more research priorities on vegetative plant propagation and relate to SHRE’s core focus on shade trees, California natives, and other drought-tolerant plants suitable for landscape use in California as detailed below.

Current Research Priorities

  1. Develop and test innovative propagation approaches and cultural methods for iconic California’s native plants (e.g., Heteromeles, Lyonothamnus, Chrysolepis, Trillium, Eriogonum) useful to horticultural specialty growers.
  2. Target propagation and cultural methods on new or less-known cultivars, hybrids, etc., and particularly those better adapted to increasing drought/heat.
  3. Advance horticultural and propagation approaches that maximize nursery environmental sustainability (e.g., reduced water and fertilizer use) and minimize disease/pest risk.
  4. Promote practical and accessible knowledge on the propagation and introduction of new and existing California landscape plants.

All proposals must be sent to jmssloan@ucdavis.edu

Detailed information on proposal guidelines and submission requirements is provided in the following attachments.

SHRE Proposal Guidelines 2023-2024

Proposal Submission Requirements 2023-2024