Drip Layout

Pittsburg: Efficient Water Management


  • Understanding precipitation rates (PR) to mitigate water & pesticide runoff
  • Improving drip irrigation layout to reduce water use
  • Irrigation scheduling strategies to achieve mandated water restrictions
  • Programming irrigation controllers to reduce and manage water use
  • Calculating application rates and PR for reducing runoff or deep percolation
  • Understanding water meters to improve efficiency


Living Green Gardens

Laura Wright, City of Pittsburg


2016 Statewide Drought and Water Update

Julie Saare-Edmonds, CA Department of Water Resources


Local Resources Update

Bob Eagle, Contra Costa Water District


Long Term Water Efficiency Regulations and Rebates

Scott Sommerfeld, East Bay Municipal Utility District



Local Drought Charge and Mandatory Water-Use Restrictions for Contra Costa Area

Landscape Irrigation Water Saving Strategies

Drip Irrigation Handout

EBMUD Drip Layouts: For durable, low maintenance, easy to manage drip irrigation