UC Verde Buffalograss

Researchers at UC Davis and UC Riverside have shown that a buffalograss cultivar can make a thick, green, drought-tolerant lawn for California's hot dry summers.  We have partnered with Florasource, Ltd. to bring this alternative turfgrass option to the public.

Home Landscape Use
UC verde on playground

‘UC Verde’® buffalograss may be mowed as a lawn or left long for a landscape meadow.  Unlike other lawns, this grass only requires weekly watering during the warm season to maintain its appearance.  Its slow growth means mowing is required once every two to three weeks for lawns or once a year for a meadow, to invigorate growth.  Environmental and health benefits of planting ‘UC Verde’ ® can be found here.

Public Landscape Use

SmartLandscape at UC Davis has integrated UC Verde buffalograss into their landscape as part of their turf and turf alternative demonstration plots.  Typical warm weather turf fill-in takes place in a matter of weeks.

UC Verde Buffalo Grass at 10 weeks growth.
UC Verde Buffalograss at SmartLandscape.


UCV fall
UC Verde Buffalograss in fall


UCV winter
UC Verde Buffalograss in winter
UCV spring
UC Verde Buffalograss in spring


UCV summer
UC Verde Buffalograss in summer

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