rotary sprinkler

RSIC Parts List and Assembly

    PARTS There are only four items needed for this device:

1) multi stream rotary sprinkler

2) pressure regulated shrub adapter

3) sprinkler spike

4) nipple to connect the riser to the spike (see figure 1)


    1. Multi-stream rotary sprinkler

Suggested: Hunter MPR1000-210, Rain Bird R-VAN1318, or Toro PRN-A

Rotary System Irrigation Contraption (RSIC)

Landscape trees are being compromised as water used to irrigate turf is being shut off.  Trees planted in or near these lawn areas that have relied on the irrigation are becoming water stressed as their water supply literally dries up.  Trees are the one plant type that needs to be protected because of their value.  Trees contribute aesthetic, environmental, and economic benefits and a loss of a tree can have large negative impacts.  So protecting them is highly important.