A 315X Husqvarna Automower trims one of the cool season plots at SmartLawn

Robotic Mowers at SmartLawn

Project Overview

In alignment with Climate Change mitigation goals, SmartLawn is demonstrating "green" lawn maintenance in multiple ways; the latest of which is the installation and use of two 315X Husqvarna Robotic AutoMowers.

These automowers work throughout the week on a predetermined schedule, and are battery fueled via an outdoor charging station. 
For more information on Husqvarna automowers, visit their site here.

  • More AutoMower Benefits according to Husqvarna
  • Saves you time by maintaining your lawn on its own.
    Gives you a better, freshly-cut lawn 24/7 by cutting a little at a time.
    Creates tiny clippings that naturally fertilize the lawn.
    Is extremely quiet.
    Can cut grass in the rain due to its weather protective features.
    Leaves no tracks by varying its pattern and route to the charger, giving the lawn an even and carpet-like look.
    Cuts uneven lawns due to its design.
    Lets you monitor and control the mower from anywhere via smartphone.

Watch the Husqvarna AutoMower Video Here

Two 315X Husqvarna Automowers face eachother on a cleanly trimmed UC Verde plot
Newly Installed Husqvarna AutoMowers on Dormant UC Verde Turf