Close up of a Blue Agave plant

SmartScape I

Project Overview

SmartScape I is the first installment of four SmartScape areas. It was created during the Fall and Winter of 2019.

The design and installation of SmartScape I complies with the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO). This means that the area has a calculated water budget via MWELO standards, and must perform within or below this water budget. 

SmartScape I features both native and non-native water conserving plant and shrub species. 

SmartScape I Plant Species List

SmartScape I Installation & Progress Photos

SmartScape team members prepare the bare ground in SmartScape I for irrigation installation.
Ground prep & Irrigation installation
Two SmartScape students plant a Crepe Myrtle tree amidst novel Hunter tree bubbler irrigation technology
Two students plant a Lagerstroemia indica (Crape Myrtle) Sapling
Students from the Student Leadership in Green Infrastructure club construct water drainways for Smartscape I
Kevin Perry & two students from the Student Leaders in Green Infrastructure club construct a water drainway
Blooms of pink and yellow appear on fresh green, 2 month old plants in SmartScape I
The first blooms, three months post-planting: 2020
A matured midsummer view of SmartScape I; the crape myrtle carries hot pink blooms, and myriads of colors and textures fill the once bare area
Midsummer growth: 2020