Smartscape I Sedum

SmartScape Overview

Each SmartScape area is a mixed landscape composed of shrubs and water efficient native and ornamental species. The blend of water efficient plant species and cutting edge irrigation technology is designed to promote a water conserving landscape that demonstrates efficient water use. 

The design and installation of SmartScape complies with the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO). Each SmartScape area has a calculated water budget via MWELO standards. SmartScape areas must perform within or below this water budget. 

Future implications for the SmartScape initiative are focused on its potential to provide exemplary landscape designs, and augment urban water conservation efforts. Additionally, knowledge and information sequestered from the SmartScape demonstration will be dispersed to academia, industry partners, policy makers, and the general public.

SmartScape I Design

SmartScape Area I Installation

SmartScape I installationSmartScape I installation







Planting SmartScape I

SmartScape I plantingSmartScape I planting

SmartScape I: Spring 2020

SmartScape I Spring 2020SmartScape I Spring 2020

SmartScape I: Summer 2020

SmartScape I Summer 2020SmartScape I Summer 2020


SmartScape I Summer 2020SmartScape I Summer 2020