Drip Layout

Irvine: Irrigation Management


  • Understanding precipitation rates (PR) to reduce runoff
  • Improving sprinkler distribution uniformity (DU) to reduce water use
  • Improving controller programs during mandatory water restrictions
  • Determining application rates and PR of drip/micro irrigation
  • Understanding soils to reduce runoff or deep percolation
  • Understanding water meters to improve irrigation during drought


California Drought Update: 2014 Water Year and Beyond

Julie Saare-Edmonds, CA Department of Water Resources


Water Supply Update & Water Use Efficiency Programs in Orange County: Resource Information

Joe Berg, Municipal Water District of Orange County

Shavonne Mays, Irvine Ranch Water District


Irrigation Management for Urban Trees

Loren Oki, UC Cooperative Extension



El Toro Water District Water Rates, Rules, and Regualtions

Controlling Irrigation Runoff, Managing the Irrigation Controller in a Drought