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Fresno: Efficient Irrigation Management


  • Understanding precipitation rates (PR) to reduce runoff
  • Improving sprinkler distribution uniformity (DU) to reduce water use
  • Improving controller programs during mandatory water restrictions
  • Determining application rates and PR of drip/micro irrigation
  • Understanding soils to reduce runoff or deep percolation
  • Understanding water meters to improve irrigation during drought


Drip/Low Volume Irrigation Systems

Jim Borneman, Ewing Irrigation


Evapotranspiration Adjustment Factor (ETAF) Study

David Fujino, California Center for Urban Horticulture


MWELO: Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance; What's Behind the Regulation?

Julie Saare-Edmonds, CA Department of Water Resources


Smart Irrigation Controllers: How Smart Are They?

Loren Oki, UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences/UC Cooperative Extension



Resource Information: Water-Wise Gardening

Nora Laikan, Public Utilities Water Division, City of Fresno




Help Your Trees Survive the Drought

Controlling Irrigation Runoff, Managing the Controller in a Drought