Project Overview

The CCUH and Western Center for Agricultural Equipment (WCAE) are joining forces with the SmartFarm initiative and partnering with over twenty horticultural industry professional companies and organizations to create the “SmartLandscape” at UC Davis.  The CCUH will expand knowledge of “key” water conservation practices learned from conducting over 35 irrigation management workshops for landscape professionals on this project and will provide educational opportunities for undergraduate students.

The latest available irrigation technology will be employed with the ability to measure and monitor water-use. Additionally, the SmartLandscape site will utilize sustainable management practices along with low water-use plants and landscape best management practices.  Stay tuned for SmartLandscape, for this initiative will provide a nexus with researchers, industry professionals and students showcasing landscape water conversation and water use efficiency.


For any questions or inquiries or if you have interest in providing support for the SmartLandscape, please contact:

Dave Fujino:


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Project Goals

  • Demonstrate irrigation technology
  • Demonstrate best management practices
  • Measure and monitor landscape water use
  • Demonstrate low water use plant material
  • Provide “hands-on” educational opportunities for students
  • Connect industry professionals with academic researchers & students
  • Conduct science-based research
  • Demonstrate water conserving & efficient landscapes
  • Connect junior college horticultural programs
WCAE Aerial Before
BEFORE: SmartLandscape site at WCAE

Campus-based Partners

campus based partners


Industry Partners

SmartLandscape Industry Partners

Individual Partners

  • Russell Satake