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Photo by Ellen ZagoryPhoto by Loren Oki


Ongoing Research Projects


Irrigation Field Trials for Landscape Plants Evaluating the performance of landscape plants at various irrigation levels, climate zones and soil types

Urban Run-off Research Characterizing neighborhood run-off, educating gardeners on reducing pollutants and producing models for urban planning

Plant Risk Evaluation (PRE) Tool Adapting a border screening tool to evaluate non-invasiveness of plants common in the California horticultural industry

Helping the Honey Bees Partnering with Haagen-Dazs and the UC Davis Department of Entomology to support honey bee populations through educational outreach


Water Conservation

Measuring Distribution Uniformity and Calculating Run Time. Author: Loren Oki A Step by step guide with example problems to determine how long to run your irrigation system.

Landscape Irrigation Scheduling a worksheet to help homeowners understand how to water their landscape.

 The TRIC (Tree Ring Irrigation Contraption) An innovative way to water trees during drought. Find out more about how to put together this easy-to-use way to water your trees.

The RISC (Rotary System Irrigation Contraption). An Alternative to TRIC, for use with rotary spray heads.

Landscape Water Conservation Resources Map  A resource with information published by your local municipalities, including conservation practices, low-water plants, rebate programs, and more.

Lawns A comprehensive resource available on the UCANR IPM website.

Tips for Improving Run-off Quality These "Quick Tip" cards cover topics such as water, fertilizer, and pesticide use.  They were developed with the UCANR Integrated Pest Management program. Learn more about Urban Run-Off Research.

Past CCUH Irrigation Management Workshops Find local resources and information on efficient irrigation systems in the presentations of previous CCUH workshops for irrigation managers.

Managing the Irrigation Controller in a Drought This handout helps explain the use of Evapotranspiration and CIMIS data to help landscape manager find a number that represents the inches of water plants generally need in a month, week, or day.


Water-Wise plants

WUCOLS IV is a database with over 1700 species and cultivars of plants. Search by region to find plants for your landscape. Read the WUCOLS IV Manual to get started.

UC Davis Arboretum All-Stars
  A listing of 100 plants chosen by horticulturalists that thrive in California's Central Valley.

California Native Plant Society The CNPS has information on plants that do well in the state of California.