UC Davis CA&ES

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Advisory Committee and Collaborations

CCUH Advisory Committee

Gary Hudson, Chair- Gary Hudson & Associates David Cox- L.E. Cooke Company
Haydi Danielson - Boething Treeland Farms    Gary Doerr- Independent Consultant
Aaron Majors - Cagwin & Dorward  Preston Oka - Yamagami's Nursery
Steve McCall - McCall's Nurseries, Inc. Russell Satake - The Nursery Industry (Satake Nursery)
Danny Takao- Garden Bloomers, Takao Nursery


Community Partners 

We can't do much without our partners. Here are a few of the organizations we currently partner with for our workshops and programs.

  • University of California Nursery and Floriculture Alliance (UCNFA)  Formerly known as California Ornamental Research Federation (CORF), UCNFA is the University of California's educational outreach and support program to the floriculture and production nursery industry. Dave Fujino, executive director of CCUH, serves as co-director of UCNFA.

Professional Representation

CCUH collaborates with the following government agencies and non-profit organizations:


Last updated: July 2013