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Run-off Water Educational Outreach

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Master Gardeners have led the neighborhood outreach in two test sites in Northern and Southern California, promoting landscape practices that reduce water, fertilizer, and pesticide use to decrease polluted run-off.  Some of these events were limited to a small group of houses, such as a cul-de-sac, and some were neighborhood-wide and held at a community park.

Informational materials and training were provided to the homeowners on a wide variety of topics from installing and managing irrigation to controlling ants without polluting the water.  These Best Management Practices (BMPs) were developed into a set of Quick Tip cards with the help of University of California's Integrated Pest Management program, and given to the homeowners in the test sites. 

Surveys were conducted by phone, mail, and door to door to evaluate the effectiveness of the outreach on homeowners' gardening practices.  The ongoing study hopes to show a reduction in both the amount of and the levels of pollutants in the run-off during the dry season and storm events.

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