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©Photo contributed by Frank Kee www.keesphotos.com

Campus Buzzway

CCUH coordinated the transformation of a quarter acre field into a picturesque walkway through a meadow of wildflowers.  The Campus Buzzway was installed next to the Honey Bee Haven at the Harry J. Laidlaw Honey Bee Research Facility on the UC Davis campus.  It was planted Fall 2009 with a mix of blooms called the Queen Bee Blend, and will begin flowering the following spring, providing months of food for the research bee populations as well as other pollinators. 


This particular combination was chosen by college students across 12 campuses as part of Häagen-Daz's national campaign to raise awareness of our agricultural dependence on the declining honey bee populations.  The trio of flowers in Queen Bee Blend (California poppy, lupine, and coreopsis) will provide a long season of bloom to support the research bee populations.  As an added bonus, the flowers are in the University of California's official colors - blue and gold!

For news about the Buzzway, visit the UC Davis Entomology website.