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Conferences and Workshops

The Center for Urban Horticulture serves a large audience. Many of our workshops are technical trainings for the Landscape and Nursery Industry. Other Conferences focus on relevant research topics of our academic partners. Our "Your Sustainable Backyard" series provides workshops for knowledgeable gardeners that wish to improve home gardening knowledge and skills. If you are new to gardening, please visit our resources page for partner agencies workshops to serve you.


Your Sustainable Backyard- Upcoming Workshops

2016 Rose Days: April 30th and May 1st on the UC Davis Campus

Past YSB Events

 Events 2009-Present


Workshops for Landscape Industry Professionals


Not Just a Drop in the Bucket-- Landscape Water saving Strategies

Past Landscape Professional Events

 Industry Events 2009-present


Academic Conferences


We currently do not have any academic conferences scheduled.

Past Events

Truth or Myth? Neonicotinoids and Their Impact on Pollinators: What is the Science-based Research? September 9, 2015